There is no denying it. Exogenous ketones are currently the trendiest supplements in the market for all looking into weight loss, improved performance, and longevity.


Ketones are organic compounds made up of two carbons and one oxygen atom. Our bodies naturally produce Ketones for energy generation as an efficient alternative to glucose. This energy generation property makes ketones the best supplements for fat burning.


There are three types of natural ketones namely Acetone, Acetoacetic Acid and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB). These three forms of ketones all take part in ketogenesis, which is a process of fat metabolism by oxidation.


Exogenous ketones as the name suggest, are ketones that originate from the outside. In other words, we ingest them as supplements or food. Nevertheless, they work just the same way as the endogenous ketones produced in the liver.


Of the three endogenous ketones, BHB forms the basis of most exogenous ketones. That is because BHB can freely flow in the blood and be absorbed into the tissues. Then also, it is much easier to formulate Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) compared to Acetone and Acetoacetic Acid.


There are two types of exogenous ketones:


Ketone Esters


This is BHB used in its primary form. Raw ketones, as they are called are efficiently and quickly broken down to energy. Ketone esters come in the form of fats and oils. However, very few people can tolerate the taste and the subsequent stomach direst after ingesting ketone esters.


Ketone Salts


In this type of exogenous ketones, the beta-hydroxybutyrate is bound to a salt such as calcium, sodium or magnesium. Compared to Ketone esters will not significantly (or quickly) raise the blood ketone levels. That is because the body has to work hard to split the ketone from the salt compound. They have a pleasant taste with less digestion distress.


Benefits of Exogenous Ketones


Faster weight loss


Exogenous ketones are perfect for those who struggle with ravaging appetite. A study conducted by Oxford University found that Ketone Ester supplements can reduce the hunger hormone by close to 60 percent. However, that is not all. The reason why there is endless charter about exogenous ketones is their large blasting properties. When you ingest exogenous ketones, your body will detect the new ketones and know that it is time to start using them for fuel. When the body exhausts the exogenous ketones, it will turn to fat tissues, breaking them down for energy.


Enhanced performance


The New York Times recently published a study that showed that exogenous ketones helped to increase the athletic performance of 39 professional bikers. It happens that in the event of working out or playing, one can deplete their muscular glycogen stores. When endurance athletes use exogenous ketones, however, they can go past their limits thanks to the induced ketosis. Ketones are more efficient (using less oxygen) than glucose, and the resultant energy explosion is fast and substantial enough to increase endurance.


Enhanced brain health


Our brains use 25 % of all energy generated by our bodies that is according to a new study by the National Academy of Sciences USA. With no reasonable doubt, therefore, increasing the body’s energy through exogenous ketones can help to improve brain functioning and health.


Very few nutrients in the blood get to the brain. There is a tight brain blood barrier that works to keep out bacteria and large molecules, that is the reason why. Ketones, however, are microscopic enough to cross the barrier and fuel the brain’s energy needs. Ingesting exogenous ketones can therefore exponentially improve your performance in school, and at work.


Health and Long Life


By boosting body energy and cellular efficiency, ketones improve cell survival and growth. It is also worthy to note that high levels of blood ketone concentration are therapeutic. Research proves that at such levels there is less blood pressure and reduced inflammation.


In a study conducted on mice, exogenous ketones were found to be anti-carcinogenic. A high blood concentration of ketones prevents the growth and spread of cancer cells. Furthermore, exogenous ketones help a great deal in neuroprotection. This among other ways include the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. It has also been found that exogenous ketones help to reduce cognitive deterioration by reducing inflammation of brain cells.


More and more people are turning to exogenous ketones. The benefits range from enhanced athletic performance to higher brain function and improved immunity against notorious health conditions. It is almost magical. Take the step towards better health and energy! Check out this video for more information.


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