Fruitful journeys through weight loss are just but a marvel to read about and watch. Nonetheless, in the real world, it is necessary to exercise more judiciousness while adhering to a precise eating routine or lifestyle. Over the last several years, the Ketogenic Diet (popularly known as keto) has dominated the headlines. And despite being in existence for over a century, it is somehow growing more popular in recent times as contemporary dieters come to the realizations that the typical Western diet is ineffective!


Sure enough, some celebrities have also adopted this dietary program with a number of them publicly endorsing it, and professing its remarkable impact on their lives, although with some advisory comments. These renowned personalities have identified that sugar, pasta, and grains are simply not the solution; Keto is!


Keto works by shedding carbs (carbohydrates) from your diet, effectively facilitating the utilization of fat by your body to produce energy. Having a high-fat content, temperate protein content and low carb-count allows Keto (diet) to tinker the body’s metabolism, inspiring its significant reliance on fats and proteins to satisfy its energy needs and eventually lead to weight loss.


Some celebrities following Keto include:


# 1 Halle Berry (Hollywood Actress)


A badass beauty by her right and an A-list Hollywood Actress, Halle Berry has been a Keto diet regular since way back (when it was less ‘cool’). She has recently applauded it on Entertainment Weekly, ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan Show’, as well as her Instagram. According to her posts, she has been adhering to it for some time. She places specific emphasis on the significance of proper nutrition in helping her manage her Type 2 Diabetes. She has been living with Diabetes since she hit 19 years but has successfully managed it over the years thanks to this remarkable dietary program.


Various studies indicate that diets featuring low-carb content usually help individuals cope better with Type 2 diabetes, since they reduce the levels of blood glucose. What’s more, according to her, Keto is more of a lifestyle than a typical ‘diet’. She has in recent times outlined that aside from helping slow down her aging process, Keto has also helped her manage her appetite, lose her alleged ‘baby belly’, and enhance both her mental and physical performances. Lastly, the Oscar-Award Winner has also credited Keto for her smooth skin and improved physical appeal.


# 2 LeBron James (NBA Superstar)


LeBron James, popularly known for his sporting prowess in the NBA admitted to following a (ketogenic-style) Paleo diet. This routine ensured that he completely eliminated dairy, most carbs, and sugar from his routine diet. While speaking to Sports Illustrated about it, LeBron indicated that aside from eradicating carbs, dairy, and sugar from his diet, he only ate fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Although many fruits are generally not ketogenic, he apparently included olive oil, numerous healthy fats, and vinaigrette (lemon) dressings.


According to exclusive reports, while using Keto, it is believed that he shed off approximately 20 pounds; which according to Health experts is no easy task for a 250 pound, 6’8 individual.


# 3 Kim Kardashian West (Reality TV Star)


Recent reports indicate that keto is the diet behind the significant loss of baby weight by Kim Kardashian West. The American-based reality TV star is among the many personalities identified as having fully embraced this diet. Lucky for her, she shed off a massive 75 lbs by following it. She primarily takes high-protein foods such as salmon and spinach and avoids foods with high-carbohydrate content such as bread.


# 4 Vanessa Hudgens (Hollywood Actress)


For her leading role in Gimme Shelter movie released in 2013, Vanessa Hudgens amassed 20 pounds. Later, in her quest to shed off the excess weight, she went for the keto-diet sticking with a high-fat, low-carb diet. While on the ‘Rachael Ray Show’, Vanessa gave some insight into her dietary routine. Her breakfast comprises bacon, eggs, coffee, and an avocado piece.


As for lunch, she eats chicken with salad, some more avocados, and many greens, not to mention occasionally adding either a fruit or some nuts. Finally, her dinner features steak or grilled salmon either with sautéed veggies or a salad (and sometimes an avocado).


She is opposed to the commonly dispatched myth that fat is bad, and says that what is bad is that which leaves you full for longer periods.


# 5 Megan Fox (Hollywood Actress)


Finally, Megan Fox is yet another regular keto follower and supporter. She credits strict adherence to this diet (comprising low-card) together with frequent long walks for her graceful appearance even after having three children. She said on E! Online that she cut on carbs, particularly bread, chips, pretzels, and crackers. And such is her commitment to the diet that she has absolutely NO ‘cheat days.’


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